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    Hay for Sale

    The Flynn Ranch has 1100 acres of irrigated farm ground. We produce, on average, 3000 ton of quality alfalfa each year and also raise wheat, barley and peas.

    We mainly bale in the large 4x4x8 bales since this is the most economical choice for both producer and hay buyer. We do bale some horse hay in small 100lb bales.

    We have sold hay all over the U.S and can provide trucking quotes if needed. Our hay prices will reflect the current hay market. We harvest 3 cuttings each year and hay quality can range from feeder to dairy depending on cutting and weather conditions.

    We also have large 4x4x8 bales of wheat straw that makes great winter bedding and/or supplemental feed.

    Please feel free to contact us with further questions regarding our hay and straw.